Student Loan Solutions

Proven Recovery Partner

Phillips & Cohen Associates has developed default aversion, pre-collection, and rehabilitation programs that are specifically designed to achieve the shared financial goal of loan repayment.

We are committed to a “collections done right” approach, and always perform in compliance to the highest standards. We believe it is important for borrowers to be able to manage financial obligations and still be able to reach financial prosperity. These combined efforts create a positive experience for the borrower often leading to recovery success.

The volume of student loans in the United States continues to increase and offers significant opportunities and challenges. As the market continues to expand, our default aversion programs and account recovery management will enable creditors to meet their overall financial objectives. Phillips & Cohen Associates has become a proven partner for establishing reliable recovery channels to create predictable cash flow from distressed accounts.

Diversified Approach

Specialized student loan recovery programs include early stage collection efforts, third party late stage and recovery programs, cease and desist programs, pre-litigation and pre-arbitration services. We leverage analytical data mining tools to allocate collection resources and target the optimal strategy to the appropriate segment. Our experienced management team provides partnership solutions to prevent and resolve financial challenges and maximize portfolio performance. Our Associates create a tailored approach and provide solutions for borrowers to prevent missed payments and rehabilitate delinquent accounts.

Understanding the different types of challenges faced by educational institutions in the public, private, and for-profit school sectors is a critical component for account servicing. Borrowers pay for education expenses with a variety of different funding sources including several different types of student loan products and payment plans. Phillips & Cohen Associates are committed to helping each student resolve their financial challenges and achieve their goal of paying off student loan debt.

student loan solutions