Cease and Desist Solutions

In compliance with all applicable state and federal laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, Phillips & Cohen Associates attempts to collect legitimate claims of debt even after the creditor has received a cease and desist letter by an individual debtor.

Individuals who issue a cease and desist letter are often not aware that their actions limit the options available to a creditor. They usually do not know that they may actually precipitate a legal proceeding that can be time-consuming, expensive, and result in a final judgment against them.

Creditors that engage Phillips & Cohen Associates find that our approach of informing individuals about the collection process and the possibility of litigation can often help them avoid litigation costs and recover a portion of the outstanding debt portfolio. Consumers often appreciate the ability to eliminate debt if offered an alternative to litigation.

More importantly, initiating a new collection process can sometimes overcome errors and mistakes made by an earlier third party recovery agency. Our staff of collection professionals is highly trained to not only recover outstanding balances, but also to protect our clients’ brand reputations in the process.

By respectfully engaging the consumers and helping them overcome any misunderstandings about the effect of writing a cease and desist letter, we are able to help them understand the limitations created by their actions and the benefits of resolving the debt.

Please contact Phillips & Cohen Associates to discuss our ability to assist in the collection of debts following cease and desist communications from debtors, help recover outstanding balances, and assist in avoiding the time and expense associated with litigation for both parties.

Click here to download our Cease & Desist white paper.

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